Press Release

Paris, 14 April 2023


The Milan Chamber of Arbitration (CAM-Milan) and Jus Mundi are delighted to announce a unique partnership to make international CAM-Milan arbitration arbitral awards freely available to the world for the benefit of the public good.

Under this partnership with the most dynamic arbitral institution in Italy, Jus Mundi will host select CAM-Milan domestic and international arbitral awards and related information publicly, while maintaining the confidentiality requirements set out in the CAM-Milan arbitration rules, allowing the general public to search for materials using Jus Mundi’s advanced AI-based platform and research tools.

Speaking about the partnership, Stefano Azzali, Director of CAM-Milan, stated that:

“Making available anonymised awards, and thus the decisions of arbitral tribunals, while respecting the confidentiality of information on the parties, which is the prerogative of arbitration and our top priority, allows a process of ‘democratisation of arbitration’ to be initiated. The result is an open door for the public to access arbitral proceedings, predictability of decisions, and access to practical information, which is useful for those who are already familiar with the tool, as well as for those who, despite not knowing it, are interested in approaching it. Thanks to this agreement with Jus Mundi, CAM takes a further step towards spreading the culture of arbitration, a real asset in conflicts resolution for companies in order to build solid and profitable business relationships “.

Jean-Rémi de Maistre, CEO of Jus Mundi, said that:

“This important and exclusive partnership between Jus Mundi and CAM-Milan to share CAM-Milan awards underscores CAM-Milan’s confidence in the quality of its Rules and its focus on confidentiality, while enhancing transparency for the good of all. While confidentiality of materials remains paramount, business can have greater confidence in using CAM-Milan as an arbitral institution to resolve disputes with enhanced certainty.”

The partnership will see select CAM-Milan domestic and international arbitral awards and related materials exclusively hosted on Jus Mundi’s comprehensive international law and arbitration database.


About CAM-Milan

The Milan Chamber of Arbitration (CAM-Milan) is specialized in commercial dispute resolution. CAM provides an array of services and tools known as ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution), which allow for a time effective resolution of disputes through extra-judicial methods.

As a matter of fact, commercial dispute resolution is one of the specific functions attributed to the Chambers of commerce by the law (Italian Law No. 580 of 1993).

CAM is governed by institutional principles such as neutrality and transparency.

The tools offered are different and specific to the type of dispute and resolution needed.
It is therefore possible to get definitive enforceable decisions through arbitration and also to be supported in reaching an agreement with the counterparty through mediation, which take place online as well.

About Jus Mundi

Contributing to building the rule of law internationally is everyone’s responsibility. Jus Mundi democratizes access to global legal information with unprecedented efficiency, thanks to a multilingual search engine that combines international legal expertise with artificial intelligence.

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