Press release

Istanbul & Paris, 7 October 2022


The Energy Disputes Arbitration Center (EDAC) and Jus Mundi have joined forces to make non-confidential EDAC arbitration materials freely available to the world for the benefit of the public good, in one of the world’s most dynamic seats of arbitration.

In the first partnership of its kind in the region, Jus Mundi will host EDAC non-confidential arbitration materials and information publicly, making materials searchable to the public through Jus Mundi’s advanced AI-based platform and research tools.

Discussing the partnership, Mr. Süleyman Boşça, the Chairman of EDAC, stated that:

“As EDAC, we prioritize the party autonomy including their agreement on the duty of confidentiality. On the other hand, we want everyone who is, or may be a party to an EDAC arbitration to benefit from the transparency and predictability inherent in EDAC arbitration. At this point, we feel responsible for providing the necessary mechanisms for the current parties to the arbitrations, which may want to contribute to the constitution of a more transparent and predictable dispute resolution environment. We believe that our partnership with Jus Mundi will not only serve this purpose but also contribute to the credibility of EDAC arbitration. ”

Jean-Rémi de Maistre, CEO of Jus Mundi, said that:

“Istanbul is an increasingly important seat for arbitration, particularly in relation to energy disputes. For this reason, Jus Mundi is honoured to partner with EDAC to provide the region and the world with a greater understanding of arbitration in this complex sector, enhancing transparency without compromising confidentiality.”

The partnership will see select EDAC materials and information hosted on Jus Mundi’s comprehensive international law and arbitration database.


About EDAC

Energy Disputes Arbitration Center (EDAC) was established in 2020 as a positive outcome of more than twenty years of works and efforts of the Energy Law Research Institute. It is an international arbitration center administers the resolution of energy disputes between private parties in all around the world. Moreover, as the first and only sectoral arbitration center, it derives its strength from its objective and reliable administration of disputes.


About Jus Mundi

Contributing to building the rule of law internationally is everyone’s responsibility. Jus Mundi democratizes access to global legal information with unprecedented efficiency, thanks to a multilingual search engine that combines international legal expertise with artificial intelligence.

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