Press Release 

Paris, 14 March 2023 


The Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Arbitration and Mediation Center (ITOTAM) and Jus Mundi are delighted to announce an exclusive partnership to make non-confidential ITOTAM arbitration awards and related ITOTAM materials freely available to its local community and globally, for the benefit of the public good. 

Under the partnership with ITOTAM, Jus Mundi will host select ITOTAM non-confidential arbitration awards and related information, allowing the public to search for materials using Jus Mundi’s advanced AI-based platform and open research tools. 

Speaking about the partnership, Jean-Rémi de Maistre, CEO of Jus Mundi, said that: 

“ITOTAM continues to be a mainstay of international arbitration in Türkiye and the region, which is why we are very glad to engage in this exclusive partnership to share non-confidential ITOTAM awards and related materials. This will encourage arbitration not only within the region, but greater global understanding of international arbitration in Türkiye.” 

The partnership will see select ITOTAM arbitration awards and related materials exclusively hosted on Jus Mundi’s comprehensive international law and arbitration database. 



The Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ICOC) has been providing arbitration services for its members through its Arbitration Bureau since 1979. Upon replacement of 1927 Code of Civil Procedure (CCP) with a new Code of Civil Procedure (2011 CCP), which entered into force on 1 October 2011, the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce revised its Arbitration Rules in accordance with such New Code of Procedure in 2012. This process resulted in ICOC deciding to go further, meeting the requirements of a modern arbitration system which then resulted in the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce setting up its independent arbitration centre, ITOTAM. 


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