Why Jus Connect Rankings?

Jus Connect is THE professional network tailored-made for arbitration. Our mission is to connect professionals searching for a practitioner or firm with those who seek visibility on a single platform, by providing profiles with reliable & searchable legal content & analytics.

Our network currently has 40k+ profiles, including arbitrators, lawyers, experts, law firms, & expert firms.

With over 13k case documents in commercial arbitration & 8k in investment arbitration, Jus Mundi is the world’s most comprehensive database for arbitration. So, we decided to put this breadth of data, analytics, and information to your benefit:

One of Jus Connect’s goals is to give visibility to practitioners regardless of their seniority level, nationality, or jurisdiction. And data speaks louder…


Introducing a new era of rankings with Jus Connect’s 2022 Arbitration Team & Practitioner of the Year Awards!


Unlike traditional rankings, no submission period or fees involved.

Jus Connect provides reliable data-backed rankings, recognizing legal excellence thanks to the verifiable analytics available on our platform. In-house counsel can also validate their choice of external counsel, arbitrator, or experts, based on factual insights.

Rankings are created based on practitioners & firms’ arbitration case list available on their Jus Connect profile, from

  • automatically-extracted data from case documents available on Jus Mundi, and
  • cases declared directly by Jus Connect users, without compromising on confidentiality.

The result? The most reliable arbitration rankings

Rankings that in-house counsel & governments can trust to select an arbitrator, external counsel, expert, or firm. Solely based on hard data rather than popularity, making Jus Connect THE place for arbitration practitioners to gain visibility.


Category #3: Most Active Expert Firms in Arbitration per Industry


Over 800 expert firms & over 4,500 experts have profiles on Jus Connect.

The data extracted from our platform for this category is based on the number of times an expert firm has been involved in investor-State & commercial arbitration proceedings per economic sector.


Most Active Expert Firms in Arbitration – Construction

  1. FTI Consulting
  2. Compass Lexecon
  3. Ernst & Young
  4. Ankura (inc. data from Navigant Consulting, Inc.)
    PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)
  5. Berkeley Research Group
  6. NERA Economic Consulting


Most Active Expert Firms in Arbitration – Mining

  1. FTI Consulting
  2. Compass Lexecon
  3. The Brattle Group
    Behre Dolbear Group
    Credibility International
  4. SRK Consulting Inc.
  5. Econ One Research Inc.
  6. Berkeley Research Group
    Versant Partners


Most Active Expert Firms in Arbitration – Oil & Gas

  1. Compass Lexecon
  2. The Brattle Group
  3. FTI Consulting
  4. KPMG
  5. Ernst & Young
    Charles River Association (CRA International)
    Econ One Research Inc.
    Frontier Economics
  6. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)


Wished you appeared? Make it happen

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Simply enrich your Jus Connect profile! More data on your profile means more views & more chances to get ranked. Just add your case history and the data will be automatically taken into account towards our rankings.


Benefits of getting ranked in Jus Connect

  • Let the profile analytics speak for themselves! Boost your reputation with data-backed insights.
  • Get selected & validated by in-house counsel easily. In-house legal teams from companies such as Total Energies, Teklas, Webuild, and Mairie Tecnimont are already using Jus Connect!
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More to come! Dynamic rankings regularly updated and available straight on Jus Connect! Stay tuned!

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