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Vienna, 3 April 2023


Jus Mundi, the world’s leading international law and arbitration research engine, is excited to announce its partnership with Juris Legal Information, a trusted source of prestigious publications and journals for international business and legal practitioners. This collaboration aims to offer Jus Mundi’s users a thorough and current understanding of virtually all forms of domestic and international arbitration through Juris Arbitration Law’s collection of secondary sources.

By hosting a selection of publications in the Juris Arbitration Law Library on Jus Mundi’s platform, users worldwide can now access 23 books and four journals covering a wide range of commercial arbitration issues. Some of the premier publications include the Practical Guide to International Arbitration, Conflict of Laws in International Commercial Arbitration, and the second edition of The Public Policy Exception under the New York Convention: History, Interpretation, and Application. With exclusive contributions from leading authors worldwide, such as Abby Cohen Smutny, Franco Ferrari, Andrew de Lotbinière McDougall, Stefan Kröll, and Friedrich Rosenfeld, users can further strengthen their arguments using authoritative content to cite in front of tribunals, all from one easy-to-access platform.

“Our partnership with Juris Legal Information is a significant step forward in empowering our users to conduct comprehensive research in the field of international arbitration,” said Jean-Rémi de Maistre, Jus Mundi’s CEO and Founder.

“This collaboration offers our users access to distinguished legal publications and journals, which keep them well-informed on the trends and advancements in the field. By integrating these secondary sources, we are enhancing our platform’s overall value and utility for legal professionals and business practitioners who require current and accurate information to make informed decisions,” he added.

The combined power of Jus Mundi’s AI technology and Juris Arbitration Law’s well-reputed publications enables users to search across broader secondary sources faster and uncover more cross-references through tools like CiteMap to build bulletproof arbitration strategies.

Commenting on the collaboration, Michael L. S. Kitzen, CEO and Editor in Chief of Juris Legal Information, said: “We look forward to our partnership with Jus Mundi and the application of Juris content harnessed by Jus Mundi’s impressive platform.”

“The selection of Juris books and journals available on Jus Mundi are written by leading international arbitration practitioners, be they arbitrators, counsels, or experts.  This is the beginning of a collaboration which we hope to expand and build upon to complement both current and future Juris content and Jus Mundi’s platform, as well as other media areas.”

Current Jus Mundi subscribers will enjoy complimentary temporary access to the Juris Arbitration Law Library before it becomes an add-on subscription. For non-subscribers, a Jus Mundi subscription is required to purchase the Juris Arbitration Law Library option.

About Juris Arbitration Law

Juris Legal Information, comprised of Juris Publishing, Inc, JurisNet, LLC and Juris Conferences LLC, is a full-service legal publisher and information provider specializing in international and American law. JURIS’ Arbitration Law is a database platform covering virtually all forms of international, as well as U.S., arbitration. Arbitration Law provides a wealth of exclusive analysis and commentary from the leading minds of the arbitration field. Our content comprises 11 leading arbitration journals with complete archival access and well over 200 proprietary treatizes, practice manuals, and monographs. The database is not only a source of information: it offers an inside look at the mechanisms and complexities of the field, placing the real-world experience, technical know-how, and – invaluably – perspective of the field’s leaders at researchers’ fingertips.

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About Jus Mundi

Jus Mundi is a Paris and New York-based legal tech company providing smart search tools for international law and arbitration research. We offer the broadest and most extensive collection of international legal information – from a range of awards and decisions through key partnerships with the world’s leading institutions and associations, such as ICC and the IBA, to a collection of secondary sources, such as the ICC Dispute Resolution Library. By combining law and technology, we enhance lawyers’ decision-making by giving them access to critical legal information that is easily accessible and understandable. We also offer a professional network of 50,000 members called Jus Connect, which connects legal departments with legal expertise.

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