Press-release: Thursday, 17 December 2020                                                                              

Jus Mundi and One Joule are proud to announce our new cooperation. Jus Mundi is a Paris-based legal tech platform for international law and arbitration research and due diligence. One Joule is a legal tech company based in New York that develops digital solutions for legal writing in international law and dispute resolution. The two technological trailblazers in international law and dispute resolution domains wish to interconnect their services and create a collaborative ecosystem of international legal research and writing tools.

ex.Cite: a new plugin for automatic legal citations.

As our first joint move, the two companies interconnect our flagship products: One Joule’s ex.CITE and Jus Mundi’s database of international law and arbitration. ex.CITE is a Word plugin that automates legal citation in international dispute resolution pleadings and publications. ex.CITE is now conveniently linked to Jus Mundi, the world’s most comprehensive database of international law and arbitration sources.

What can you do with the new interconnected ex.CITE?

  • Easily insert, edit or delete your perfectly formatted legal citations and hyperlinks.
  • Generate lists of legal authorities with just a click of a button.
  • Quickly populate reference numbers throughout your document.
  • Search for legal references at Jus Mundi without leaving your Word document.
  • Check your legal citations for consistency.

A productivity tool designed by lawyers for lawyers.

Anastasiya Ugale, the founder of One Joule and legal architect behind ex.Cite, on the new collaboration:

“I am elated about this new alliance with Jus Mundi. Legal practitioners may access the entire universe of international law sources directly from their Word documents – all credit to Jus Mundi.” Anastasiya is an international counsel with over a decade of experience in international law and dispute resolution. She sighs with relief: “ex.CITE’s automatic citation features bring international legal drafting closer to the XXI century, lawyers may finally populate reference numbers and create tables of legal authorities in their pleadings automatically in just a few minutes. This is just the first step. We intend to continue enhancing ex.CITE and creating other tools, as well as strengthening our collaboration with Jus Mundi.”

Jean-Rémi de Maistre, the CEO, and co-founder of Jus Mundi and a former international lawyer expressed his pride in the new collaboration:

“As a former international arbitration practitioner, I am very impressed with ex.Cite. This tool will literally save days of work, while reducing the risk of errors in written pleadings. We are proud that One Joule has chosen to interconnect with Jus Mundi’s database. We will continue to develop our database so that it remains the most complete and secure on the market.”

Join the waiting list

ex.CITE is currently available for a free beta trial, with a commercial release scheduled for the Spring of 2021. Get on the waiting list to try ex.CITE for free by filling out the form.

About Jus Mundi

Launched in 2018, Jus Mundi is a one-stop destination for international legal and arbitrator research. Jus Mundi strives to make international law and arbitration easily accessible and understandable, using artificial intelligence and machine learning to collect and structure global legal data. By combining law and technology, Jus Mundi enhances lawyers’ decision making by giving them access to critical legal information and analytics on arbitrators.

Jus Mundi is the only solution to deliver efficient and thorough legal research and due diligence with full confidence. Thanks to exclusive institutional partnerships like the IBA x Jus Mundi and proprietary algorithms, we’ve built the most comprehensive and unique source of information on international law and arbitration.

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About One Joule

One Joule is a legal techn company based in New York. It develops digital solutions for legal writing in international law and dispute resolution in partnership with legal practitioners, law firms, and technology specialists worldwide. One Joule identifies inefficiencies in international legal writing and remedies them with specialized digital tools.

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