Press release

Paris, 13 September 2021

Jus Mundi and the Russian Institute of Modern Arbitration (RIMA) are delighted to announce a new partnership between the Russian Arbitration Center (RAC) and Jus Mundi, making non-confidential RAC international arbitration awards freely available to everyone on the planet.

The partnership will see RAC’s international arbitration materials enter Jus Mundi’s publicly facing database within a short time of them being made freely available to all in the name of the public good.

Improved access to these materials using Jus Mundi’s advanced AI-based research tools will improve the accuracy and efficiency of legal research conducted worldwide involving RAC awards. This will save practitioners and researchers valuable time in the development of their legal strategies.

The first RAC awards have already been redacted and processed and are now published and accessible on Jus Mundi’s search engine and through the following link here.

Speaking about the RAC x Jus Mundi partnership, Yulia Mullina, CEO of the RIMA, Executive Administrator of the RAC said “It is an honour for us to partner with Jus Mundi platform. The publication of the RAC awards at Jus Mundi will definitely become another step towards transparency as a global arbitration trend. It will also help international arbitration users and practitioners from all over the world to raise their awareness of the Russian arbitral field.”

Jean-Rémi de Maistre, CEO of Jus Mundi, stated that “Jus Mundi is extremely proud to ensure ongoing improvement of access to global justice through the free publication of international law and arbitration materials, in the name of the public good.”

Both Jus Mundi and RAC look forward to improving access to justice for all and enhancing the efficiency of dispute resolution for businesses around the world involved in international trade and commerce.

For more information on the RAC x Jus Mundi partnership, please contact: