Dr. Andrew Willcocks, our Director of International Trade & Partnerships, takes us through a big year of new partnerships for Jus Mundi.

Jus Mundi is proud to thank all our wonderful partners who joined us in making international law and arbitration materials available to the public across 2022.

The list of partners is long, with arbitral institutions and associations joining us from all over the world across 2022.

In March, the Club Español del Arbitraje (CEA) partnered with us to ensure ongoing public access to select Spanish- and Portuguese-language judicial decisions that relate to arbitration matters.

Also in March, Jus Mundi was proud to partner with the Ukrainian Arbitration Association (UAA) to provide access to national decisions in over 600 cases related to the enforcement of international arbitration awards, with the aim to also include set-aside decisions in the future.

In April, the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC) joined Jus Mundi in the mission to increase public awareness of HKIAC procedures, providing us with summaries of anonymized procedural decisions taken by the institution.

In July, we formed a partnership with the International Centre for Dispute Resolution® (ICDR®), the international division of the American Arbitration Association® (AAA®). The partnership makes ICDR international awards publicly available on Jus Mundi, in adherence to the ICDR rules governing publication of awards.

In August, we were joined by the Arbitration Court attached to the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry(ACHCCI), in a partnership to publish anonymized extracts of ACHCCI arbitral awards, giving better insight into domestic and international arbitration in Hungary.

In September Jus Mundi entered into an important partnership with Research4Life, a GOALI initiative of the International Labor Organization and its partners. Through this initiative, Jus Mundi provides international law and arbitration resources for free to scholars and researchers in over 80 lower and middle-income countries.

Jus Mundi was delighted to participate in a panel at the Paris Peace Forum 2022 in November along with Research4Life and the International Chamber of Commerce, to explore ways to improve access to knowledge about international law for those who need it most.

Also in September, Jus Mundi partnered with the Brazilian Center for Mediation and Arbitration (CBMA) to host non-confidential arbitration materials and information on arbitrators to the public, opening a window on Brazilian arbitration.

September also saw the Arbitration Court of “Arbitration” LLC in Armenia (ACALLC) join Jus Mundi in partnership, with the aim to provide non-confidential international and domestic arbitration awards to the public.

In October, Jus Mundi extended its existing partnership with the International Chamber of Commerce by commencing the hosting of the ICC Dispute Resolution Library on our platform.

In October, Jus Mundi was also delighted to partner with the growing Energy Disputes Arbitration Center (EDAC) based in Turkey, ensuring non-confidential awards and arbitration information is available to the public through Jus Mundi’s platform.

In November, our first Chinese arbitral institution partner, the Shanghai International Arbitration Center (SHIAC), joined with us to provide ongoing global public access to select non-confidential arbitral materials of SHIAC through our research platform.

Also in November, the Saudi Center for Commercial Arbitration (SCCA) joined with Jus Mundi in Dubai to launch a partnership to share non-confidential arbitration materials of the SCCA with the world.

Our final partnership in November was with the MERCOSUR TPR to share non-confidential outcomes of dispute resolution under the MERCOSUR trade treaty. The trading bloc includes Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay, generating a GDP of around 5.1 trillion US dollars in 2022.

In December, Jus Mundi was glad to join together in four further partnerships with arbitral institutions and associations across Africa and Latin America.

The first partnership in December was concluded in Rwanda with the Kigali International Arbitration Centre (KIAC), who joined us to share important international and domestic arbitration awards rendered by KIAC along with other arbitration materials and information.

A second partnership in December was concluded with the Centro de Arbitraje de México (CAM), for the public hosting of non-confidential CAM arbitration awards and information, enhancing global insight into arbitration in Mexico.

The third partnership in December was concluded with the Ifriqya Arbitration Forum, providing the world with better access important materials in Arabic and French languages through Ifriqya’s network of North-African practitioners.

The fourth and final partnership in December was concluded in Nigeria, with the Lagos Chamber of Commerce International Arbitration Centre (LACIAC) to share to the world through Jus Mundi its non-confidential arbitration awards, and related arbitration information.


You can become a partner too! Join us in making international law and arbitration more transparent and accessible!