Press Release

Paris, 5 December 2022


The Kigali International Arbitration Center (KIAC) and Jus Mundi are delighted to announce the beginning of an international partnership to make KIAC arbitration awards and other materials and information freely available to the world for the benefit of the public good, and to enhance the world’s understanding of arbitration in Africa.

Jus Mundi will exclusively host KIAC international and domestic arbitration awards and other materials and information, making materials easily searchable to the public through Jus Mundi’s advanced AI-based platform and research tools.

All published documents prioritize confidentiality while enhancing transparency. The partnership is the first of its kind in Africa. Arbitration users worldwide will now have the materials they need to better understand arbitration in the region.

Discussing the partnership, Victor Mugabe, Secretary General of KIAC, stated:

“Despite being a young arbitration Centre, the Kigali International Arbitration Centre has made tremendous work in promoting international commercial arbitration in Rwanda, in the East African Region, and in Africa. In only 10 years of existence, KIAC has registered more than 200 arbitration cases, out of which 40% are international cases from more than 20 Countries. This is a milestone for a young African arbitration institution.”

He also added:

“The partnership between the Kigali International Arbitration Centre and Jus Mundi comes at the right moment: international arbitration users need to be able to access the best arbitration practices in safe African arbitration jurisdictions and centers, such as KIAC. I am certain this partnership will be an asset to the existing Rwandan and African initiatives promoting international arbitration in Africa”.

Jean-Rémi de MaistreCEO of Jus Mundi, said:

“The African region has become a vibrant hub for international commercial arbitration, and the public users of arbitration are keen to understand more. That is why we are proud that our first African partner is with KIAC. In making KIAC non-confidential materials and information openly available, we work to support arbitration in this vital and thriving region.”


About KIAC

The Kigali International Arbitration Center aims to promote Rwanda as a venue of efficient arbitration services and a center of excellence for the research and training of ADR practitioners.

KIAC’s Secretariat oversees the day-to-day management of the Centre and is led by a Board of Directors and Victor Mugabe, the Secretary General. They are supported by a team of six people, including a registrar in charge of case management and other staff.

KIAC’s services, which include arbitration and mediation, are provided in accordance with international professional standards and in Kinyarwanda, English, and French. KIAC’s Secretariat takes pride in being highly responsive and attentive to the needs of its users.


About Jus Mundi

Contributing to building the rule of law internationally is everyone’s responsibility. Jus Mundi democratizes access to global legal information with unprecedented efficiency, thanks to a multilingual search engine that combines international legal expertise with artificial intelligence.

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