In Mario Bros., power-ups are everything. They can quickly turn Mario from underdog to top dog — just like that. Our favorite power-up? The classic Mega Mushroom.

In the legal world, the most essential power-up is personalized alerts. And it promises some pretty incredible results. Be it for business development or to be on top of the industry trends.

But what about receiving personalized alerts among the pool of hundreds of pending arbitration cases and the new ones that get filed?

A little more tricky than a magic mushroom, huh?

Luckily for you, we can help.

Power-up with the new Monitoring & Alerts

The easiest way to create personalized search alerts on any keywords and economic sectors exclusively available on Jus Mundi.


Jus Mundi’s brand-new version of the Monitoring & Alerts feature automates your legal watch so you can focus on your more important tasks (such as your billable tasks) and receive the latest, straight to your inbox 📩.

We got your back!

What is the Monitoring and Alerts feature?

A year ago, Jus Mundi launched the very first version of the Monitoring & Alerts feature, promising to work on building more options to create alerts for, so it covers all aspects of legal intelligence for arbitration practitioners.

You may already be familiar with the first version of the Monitoring & Alerts feature & use it to track new legal information for arbitration & international law.

Until now, you could only create alerts to be notified of:

  • arbitrators’ news, such as new appointments, disqualification & new documents added to Jus Mundi; and
  • case updates, such as status changes & new documents added to Jus Mundi.

This allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of the latest legal information by monitoring activity relevant to your research & ongoing cases.

You could also discover industry trends -although you can now simply refer to Jus Mundi Industry Insights Reports, such as our latest Mining Arbitration Report, Oil & Gas Arbitration Report, & Construction Arbitration Report.

What makes Jus Mundi’s new & improved Monitoring & Alerts feature unique? 

Not only can you monitor your own legal research, but now you can also use the Monitoring & Alerts feature for legal intelligence and business development purposes:

  • Monitor legal issues: Lawyers can track new case law on issues, like Birfurcation or wrongful termination or any legal issues of your choice by saving to your alerts a combination of keywords & filters.
  • Follow legal professionals: Click on the “Follow” button on lawyers, arbitrators, experts’ profiles of your choice. Head over to Jus Connect, our professional network tailor-made for the arbitration industry, to give it a shot.
  • Targeted business development for firms: Set alerts for notice of intent or annulment to be notified of a new activity to direct your BD efforts accordingly.
  • Legal intelligence for corporate teams: Track your economic sector, competitors, or clients. How about monitoring the construction sector?

Whether you’re a lawyer, expert, or general counsel, this feature is like having a full-time virtual research assistant to get personalized legal intelligence.

How to use Monitoring & Alerts?


As easy as ever!

Follow the steps in the tour we created just for you and you’ll be all set in just a few clicks.

All your questions are also answered in our Help Center. Discover how to use Monitoring & Alerts and set an alert for each category, e.g., a company, State, case, or arbitration practitioner.

For instance, try setting this alert to stay on top of intra-EU investor-State post-Achmea arbitration developments or this one to be alerted of new developments in commercial arbitration related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Relax & let Jus Mundi take care of your legal intelligence for you!

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us too. It goes without saying that your data is secured and only you can see the content and the name of your alerts.  

How are you alerted of your Monitoring & Alerts’ updates?

It’s up to you!

  • Receive a notification on Jus Mundi in “My Alerts”; or
  • Both a notification and an email straight in your inbox.

Afraid you’ll get spammed with all the Alerts you set?

Fear not, for you will only receive one email per day containing the updates to all your alerts.

Jus Mundi’s database is updated daily, so you know you’ll be able to monitor the most recent developments and legal intelligence every single day.

Note: The Monitoring & Alerts feature is a premium feature and if you have a Jus Mundi account, you can ask for a free upgrade to our team to try it!

If you’d like to know more about how Jus Mundi can help you, book a tour with our team.