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Commercial Arbitration 


Domtec International v. BUA International and other, BVI IAC Case, Award on: 1. Article 39 Application dated 25 August 2022 2. Article 39 Application dated 26 August 2022 3. Quantum of Costs Payable by the Claimant to the Respondents, 10 Nov 2022 (English) #Costs#AdditionalAward


CAM – Milan

Mondial Forni v. Santos Bakery, CAM – Milan Case, Final Award, 05 Oct 2022 (English) #ContractualBreach, #ValidityOfArbitrationClause 



Luxion v. Bunkspeed, DIA Case, Final Award, 26 Mar 2013 (English) #SoftwareLicensing#TerminationOfAgreement



Exclusive Trim v. Kastamonu, ICDR Case, Final Award, 09 Mar 2023 (English) #UnenforceablePenalty, #MitigationOfDamages 



United Arab Emirates

A6 v. B6, ICC Case, Judgment of the Abu Dhabi Global Market Courts of First Instance, 27 Apr 2023 (English) #Annulment#PermissionToAppeal


United States 

Cürex Index Data Systems v. London Stock Exchange Group and FTSE, ICDR Case, Judgment of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, 26 Apr 2023 (English) #Enforcement

Cockett Marine Oil DMCC v. CI International Fuels, Ad hoc Case, Consent Judgment and Order of the United States District Court for the District of Delaware, 26 Apr 2023 (English) #Enforcement