Developing a peaceful and prosperous future for all requires a strong international Rule of Law and building the international Rule of Law is everyone’s responsibility.  

This is the premise on which Jus Mundi was built and what we fight for —by facilitating access to global resources.  

We, therefore, join the worldwide plea for peace in Ukraine and unequivocally condemn the ongoing flagrant violation of one of the most fundamental principles of international law by the Russian Federation. 

International law requires States to settle international disputes by peaceful means. Not by acts of war but before courts.  

Article 1 (1) of the U.N. Charter states that a fundamental purpose of the United Nations is “the suppression of acts of aggression.”  

Article 2 (4) of the Charter defines acts of aggression as “the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any State.”  

The U.N. Charter has been ratified by 193 States since 1945, including the Russian Federation.  

We cannot but protest the blatant acts of aggression by the Russian Federation against Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity for being a serious violation of international law.  

We stand for the Rule of Law.